Grief-What is it? Pain? Loss?  Abandonment?  Rejection?  Feeling lost and alone? These and more perhaps.  I think for everyone it differs, depending on what the situation is. There is a model on grief The Five Stages of Grief.  It describes the stages we go through, and what we feel, in no order as we grieve. … Continue reading Grief


I just read an article where a man disemboweled his girlfriend because she said her ex’s name during sex.  I had to look up what disembowel meant. Here it is:  disembowel [dis-em-bou–uh l] /ˌdɪs ɛmˈbaʊ əl/ Spell Syllables Examples Word Origin verb (used with object) disemboweled, disemboweling or especially British disembowelled, disembowelling. 1. to remove the bowels or entrails from; eviscerate.… Continue reading Disemboweled?