While I found the definition of this word not fitting what I was aiming to write about initially, the more I think about it I believe it fits.

I have been house, and dog, sitting for someone for a week now. He has this lovely dog named Luna. She is an older dog with a loving, but quirky, sense to her. Anybody that knows my dog will agree I am sitting for an older version of my own dog…lol.

The last two nights I have had the pleasure of having both dogs sleep by me. Of course, I always sleep with one. However, Luna is a new addition to our sleeping quarters. I know she is missing her daddy but it feels special to know she feels that I am safe to her.

I am also glad to see that my own dog is learning to share her own space, and me, with another adult dog. This is quite out of the ordinary for my own, an idiosyncrasy, so hopefully it will become the norm.

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